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Sultan Qaboos Mosque Salalah
Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Itinerary Salalah City Tour

The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah is by far not as big as its counterpart in Muscat, in which 20.000 believers find place - here there are only 3.200 people. Its interior does not look so overloaded, but rather radiates an airy lightness thanks to the bright, friendly colors. The brightly painted windows, which let in a lot of natural light, also contribute to this, creating an inviting atmosphere that invites you to pause and linger. The separate prayer room for the women - the Ladies Prayer Hall - is located on the north side of the mosque, which was inaugurated in 2009.

Capture the essence of Omani royalty with an exterior view of Al Hosn Palace. Admire its regal architecture and picturesque surroundings, a perfect photo opportunity.

The tour continues with the visit of the Al Hosn Souq, a traditional market where you can experience the friendly atmosphere and have the chance to buy traditional perfumes, frankincense, dresses or souvenirs for your loved ones.

Experience the beauty of Salalah's coastline at Hafa Beach which is also known as Coconut Beach. Take in the golden sands and turquoise waters as you relax and enjoy the seaside atmosphere.

Stroll along the scenic Al Hafa Waterfront and savor the fresh sea breeze. This picturesque promenade offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea, and you can indulge in local delicacies or simply enjoy a leisurely walk by the shore.

Salalah is famous for the plantations growing bananas, papayas, coconut and other vegetables. Next to the plantation these products are sold directly to the customer. Don't miss here the opportunity to try fresh coconut water or one of the tasty bananas. Our guide will also explain you the specialties about the plantation gardens in Salalah.

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