3 Day Best of Salalah Tour Package

Collage of Taqa, Mosque Salalah and Hidden Beach
Best of Salalah Tour Package


Day 1: Exploring Hidden Gems in the East of Salalah

Day 2: Exploring the Vibrant City and the Fascinating West of Salalah

Day 3: Magical Sunset experience in the Empty Quarter Desert


Reviews from our customers

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September 26, 2023

Ms. Kate is very helpful with all the information we need in order to plan our trip to Salalah. Every details was given to us and she is very nice and concern about our situation. Highly recommended Travel agency!


Best decision to book with Go Salalah Tours

September 10, 2023

I’m more of an independent traveller and have always resisted to go on guided tours.

But when I decided to go to Salalah last minute, I realised it’d be easier to book with Go Salalah Tour. And that was the BEST decision ever.

Kate was very responsive, professional and informative during the whole booking process.

The entire trip went smoothly, and they supported us all the way through.

I felt like we explored the best of each stop, and it had the perfect balance of guided activities and free time.

Our guide, Abdul, also gave us good insight about the country, its history and the beautiful people of Oman. And they were so kind to organise a surprise cake to celebrate my birthday!

Thanks to Kate and Abdul for it all. It was an amazing experience and I hope to repeat it soon.


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