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Salalah is a popular tourist destination in Oman, attracting visitors from all over the world. Especially during Khareef season in July and August Salalah is a popular destination for tourists from all GCC countries. Those are seeking some refreshment from the summer months heat in the drizzle rain of Dhofar. If you’re coming from Saudi Arabia, there are two primary ways to get to Salalah – by car or by plane.

Traveling by Car from Saudi Arabia to Salalah

One way to get to Salalah from Saudi Arabia is by car. The drive takes approximately 20-24 hours, depending on where you’re starting from in Saudi Arabia and your mode of transport. It’s important to note that the journey can be challenging, particularly during the summer months when temperatures can soar, and there is a high risk of dust storms. Please make sure your car is ready for overlanding and don’t forget to bring enough water and food for the long journey. Read more about how to prepare for overlanding in Oman in our blog post.

Additionally, there is a border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Oman, which can be time-consuming. Most travellers are eligible for a visa on arrival which is issued at the border for stays for up to 14 days. Check out our blog post about visa regulations in Oman for more information.

Despite the challenges, traveling by car does have its advantages. You’ll have the flexibility to stop and explore some of the fascinating sites in Oman along the way, such as the historic city of Nizwa. Consider to check out the Oman Across Ages Museum which opened this year March 2023. You’ll also have the advantage of having your own vehicle once you arrive in Salalah, which can be convenient if you plan on exploring the surrounding areas. During Khareef season Salalah gets really crowded so be prepared for a lot of traffic inside the city and around popular landmarks.

Traveling by Plane from Saudi Arabia to Salalah

The other option for getting to Salalah from Saudi Arabia is by plane. The flight time from Riyadh to Salalah is approximately 2 hours, while the flight time from Jeddah to Salalah is approximately 3 hours, with direct flights available from both cities. Oman Air, Flynas and Saudi Arabian Airlines all offer flights to Salalah from various cities in Saudi Arabia. In 2023 the flight plan during Khareef increased to 16 flights per week from several cities in Saudi Arabia to Salalah.

Direct flights from Jeddah to Salalah with Flynas

01.07.2023, 05.07.2023, 07.07.2023, 08.07.2023, 13.07.2023, 19.07.2023, 21.07.2023, 01.08.2023

Direct flights from Riyadh to Salalah with Flynas

01.07.2023, 04.07.2023, 05.07.2023, 06.07.2023, 07.07.2023, 08.07.2023, 11.07.2023, 12.07.2023, 13.07.2023, 15.07.2023, 18.07.2023, 20.07.2023, 21.07.2023, 22.07.2023, 27.07.2023, 28.07.2023, 29.07.2023, 01.08.2023, 02.08.2023, 03.08.2023, 05.08.2023, 08.08.2023, 09.08.2023, 10.08.2023, 15.08.2023, 16.08.2023, 17.08.2023, 31.08.2023

Direct flights from Dammam to Salalah with Flynas

01.07.2023, 04.07.2023, 06.07.2023, 11.07.2023, 18.07.2023, 20.07.2023, 25.07.2023, 01.08.2023, 22.08.2023

The Airport of Salalah is located in the city centre. It is the most convenient to use a taxi or book an airport transfer with us to ensure a hassle free start into your vacation.

Traveling by plane can be more expensive than traveling by car, but it’s also quicker and more convenient, particularly if you’re short on time. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to relax on the flight and arrive in Salalah feeling refreshed and ready to start your vacation

Costs of traveling to Salalah

The cost of traveling to Salalah from Saudi Arabia varies depending on the mode of transport you choose. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll need to factor in the cost of fuel, food, and accommodation along the way. The border crossing between Saudi Arabia and Oman can also add to the cost.

If you’re traveling by plane, the cost will depend on the airline you choose, the time of year you’re traveling, and how far in advance you book your ticket. Generally, flights to Salalah from Saudi Arabia start at around 500 SAR ($133 USD) one way.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Traveling by car gives you the freedom to explore Oman at your own pace and can be a great adventure for those who enjoy road trips. However, the journey can be challenging, particularly during the summer months.

Traveling by plane is quicker and more convenient, but it can be more expensive than traveling by car. Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring the surrounding areas of Salalah, you’ll need to rent a car or hire a driver.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons to both modes of transport when traveling from Saudi Arabia to Salalah. If you’re looking for a more adventurous journey and have the time to spare, traveling by car can be a great option. If you’re short on time or prefer a more comfortable journey, traveling by plane may be the best choice for you.

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